/How to use Instagram For Business
Instagram For Business

How to use Instagram For Business

Friends most of us have been using Instagram for a while. Many of us have no idea how Instagram can help us make money. It is a wonderful platform to provide visual content.

In this article I will introduce you to the world of Instagram Marketing.

Why Instagram?

As the popularity of photo sharing apps is increasing , more and more marketers are using it. Furthermore there are many apps and tools that can be used to enhance social media presence of the product. Since there are 500 million monthly users, it becomes a big audience for the product. Photos and short videos are very useful, even Nike uses this. It helps the producer to create a value in the mind of consumer.

Instagram For Business
How to use Instagram For Marketing

How to Use Instagram For Business

#1. Connection to multiple Social Media Channels 

You can connect your Instagram account with your other social media accounts Facebook , Twitter ,Foursquare ,tumblr and flickr. When you integrate these accounts you will be able to share content simultaneously on many social media networks.

The best part your followers on Facebook and Twitter will also follow on Instagram. By adding new channels for your posts you will get more engagements on your posts.

#2. Share a Variety of Content

Visual Content usually has a greater impact on our senses. In addition it also gets a greater response on social media. You can share a variety of content about your product and services. Make a short video of your clients, events you hosted.

Restaurants not only post their deals and specials, but also encourage diners to post photos of dinner.

#3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags make it easy for the users to search specific content of different platforms. And as you are also posting content on many platforms it increases your chances of getting noticed.

#4. Create a Community

Encourage your users to post their own content. This will help you in creating a community.

#5. Keeping track of Analytics

Always keep track of analytics. Your past record will help you in making strategies for the future.


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