/5 Tips to Score More in Jee Mains Chemistry

5 Tips to Score More in Jee Mains Chemistry

Chemistry is the most scoring section of Jee Mains. Jee Mains 2018 is scheduled to be in 2018. Not only scoring I will also say that it is also less time consuming. As a general advise I would say that you should complete the chemistry section first as this requires least time. Students are often able to clear the cut-off by being good in Chemistry and above average in other two.

Why Should You Attempt Chemistry First in JEE Mains?

  1. In Chemistry Section, questions are straight forward and difficulty level is also low. This makes it easy to score marks.
  2. Chemistry section in less time consuming, or you can say that Chemistry section will take less time than other two to be finished.
  3. Chemistry is almost independent from the other two sections, you don’t need to calculate anything. You can get to answer in less than a minute if you know the concept.

How can You Get more Marks in Chemistry ?

1. Focus On Your Study Material

NCERT textbooks form the effective study material for the Chemistry at Jee Mains level. Go through it thoroughly twice and you can easily solve most questions. Apart from NCERT( textbook and examplar) you can also follow some books like P bahadur for numerical problems, MS chauhan for organic chemistry and so on.

Since there is very less time left I would suggest you to focus more on less books. Follow less books but go through them thoroughly.

2. Practice Question

When I say that you should practice questions it means that you have to solve lots of questions. Make habit of solving 60-70 questions daily. Chemistry has a lot of things to be remembered and they will be retained easily if you practice them.

3. Analyse the Options

Don’t rush after the question. Stay Calm and analyse the options. This is helpful in organic and inorganic section. Practice this and you will see that now you take less time to solve the questions.

4. Past Years Papers

Past years papers are always helpful. Do them using a timer. JEE mains past year papers will boost your confidence and morale.

5. Start Chemistry Section First

Since chemistry is the most easy and less time consuming section, try to solve it first.

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