/How to Score Good Marks in 10th Board Exams
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How to Score Good Marks in 10th Board Exams

hello dear friends, this is a high time for all the students. Board Exams are within two months. Exams are a cause of worry for every student, but boards can give you nightmares.

How to Score Good Marks in 10th Board Exams

Students today I am going to share some tips and tricks with which you can boost your score and get good marks. Avoid any last minute worries with these tips.

       1. Fix a timetable

Students! you should fix a timetable and stick to it. Just as in school divide your day in periods. Giving each and every activity equal time. There a big reason behind giving each activity equal time. When you are studying a subject for more than 1-2 hours you tend to get bored and get distracted. However timetable won’t let this happen.

       2. Start Early

Start your day early as per the natural body clock. According to some researches in morning hours the retaining power of mind is high.

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       3. Make Brief Notes

While studying try to make brief notes. These notes can help you during revision.

       4. Plan Your Way

Don’t jump into the pile of books. Instead plan everything. Follow the above steps like fixing a timetable etc. Arrange things according to your capability.

       5. Don’t Force Things on Yourself

You cannot make your life monotonous and work all time. You Have to give time to other things also like playing etc.

       6. Don’t give Importance to hours

Students are often judged by the number of hours they study. Don’t beat yourself so much. Work as per your capacity for maximum benefit.

       7. Different Strategy For Different Subject

Each subject is different in content and method of learning. First thing to remember is take every subject seriously. You cannot score well if you focus on a single subject. Some subjects require logic while some requires practice.

       8. Solve Previous Year Papers

Try to solve previous years papers as many as possible. Take an alarm clock sit in morning time say 10 and set alarm for 3 hours. Solve the paper in these three hours. Try to give this paper like it is your board exam.

Alright Friends ! Remember this exam is going to have an impact on your academic life. Take it seriously and do well. Try to study in the day time. Studying in day time will set your mind to work effectively in day time.

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