/Mistake Students Make in Board Exams in Hurry

Mistake Students Make in Board Exams in Hurry

Board exams are considered as the most crucial exams in our education system, be it CBSE , UP or any other board. Board’s examinations often decide the future of your career. If it is of 10th than it’s important for deciding your stream and 12th is important to get admission is any reputed college or university. Due to these students often feel tensed about the board exams and some even get terrified. In this article I am going to discuss about the Mistakes students make in Board Exams.

Mistake Students Should Avoid in Board Exams

The point is each and every one want to get good marks. Students tend to make some mistakes while writing in the exam. Here are some mistakes that you should not make while giving your exam.

  1. Not Utilizing The Reading Time in Board Exams

This is the most common mistake students make while attempting their paper. Each board gives you 15 minutes to read the paper. These 15 minutes are to be used to strategize your exam. In these 15 minutes you should decide which questions are to be attempted from the optional.

  1. Pouring Everything they know about question

Students often write each and everything they know about the question. This should be avoided. You should meticulously decide which words to use and how to structure your answer. Your answer should be concise and conceptual.

  1. Ignoring the word limit in Board Exams

Students think that the longer answer will help them in getting more marks, but no. Teachers always like the short and crisp answers. Write it point-wise, following the word limit. This will save your time and improve the presentation of your answer.

  1. Attempting easy questions at last

Candidates often think that they should attempt the difficult questions in the beginning as they have plenty of time. But no you should always start with the easy questions and questions you are confident off.

  1. For Numerical Problems

You should always pay attention to the data. If you have copied the data incorrectly than it is of no use. Many times the students forget to write the units for the answer. These are very small mistakes but can cause you big losses.

  1. Time Mismanagement

Time is the most crucial thing for a student in the exam. You should keep in mind each and every moment that the clock is ticking. Leaving easy questions for the last is a mistake. I used to solve the questions with highest marks in the beginning as it relieves you of any stress.

Prepare well for your exams and don’t worry. Your worry can only add to your problems. Also read my previous article on How to score good marks in 10th Boards.

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