/The Legends of Indian Army and Param Veer Chakra Winners
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The Legends of Indian Army and Param Veer Chakra Winners

Indian Army is the backbone of this country , these are the persons who gave up their life for ours . There is no way we can ever give them back what they gave but all we can do is respect them .

  1. Major Somnath Sharma


Major Sharma was the first PVC recipient of the country , PVC is the highest military decoration in India and is equal to Victoria Cross .

He was commisioned in the 8th Battalion of 19th Hyderabad Regiment . He served in Burma during the  world war 2 . He later fought the 1947 Indo – Pak war . He was killed while evicting the infiltrators from the Srinagar airport . He was posthumously awarded the PVC for his actions prior to his death .

In 1980s the Shipping Corporation of India , named a crude oil tanker after the Param Veer Chakra Winners . The tanker was named MT Major Somnath Sharma.

2. FO Nirmal Jit Singh

Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh was an officer of Indian Air Force . He was  posthumously awarded the Param Veer  Chakra , in recognition of his lone defense of Srinagar Air Base from Pakistan Air force raid during 1971 war . He is the only officer of the IAF to be awarded with Param veer Chakra .

He was son of a MWO of Indian Air Force and commissioned into the  4 June 1967 .

Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon is remembered for his gallantry and statues of him have also been erected in many cities in Punjab.

A marine tanker built in 1985 by Shipping Corporation of India , Government of India  was named Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon, PVC.