/Jack Ma- The Chinese Business Tycoon
Jack Ma Journey.

Jack Ma- The Chinese Business Tycoon

Founder and executive Chairman of Alibaba Group is one of the person we can have ultimate inspiration from Jack Ma. We all social creatures are always looking for such people to trigger some thoughts and seek some inspiration from them. From our childhood we fantasize about stories of how a hero comes to the rescue of his people. Studies have found that such stories always have a positive impact on us.

Jack is the man who alone impacted the whole economy and internet industry of China. This is the story of Jack ma..

Who is Jack Ma?

Jack Ma is the founder of E-commerce giant Alibaba Group. He is the richest man of China and have assets worth $30 billion. He is also a stakeholder in the sister company Alipay . Alibaba is worth more than Facebook and processes good more than Amazon and e-bay combined!!

Jack Ma Journey.
Jack Ma , story of a entrepreneur.


This may seem like a story of a billionaire and you may think he had never seen any bad days. You are wrong my friends. His story is a true rags to riches story.

Jack Ma – The Struggle

Jack Ma is one of the self made billionaires with a very humble background. He was born in Hangzhou, in the southeastern part of China. And used to practice English with the tourists that visited to the city. He ran short errands with them so as to gain expertise in the language. After completion of his education , applied for 30 jobs and was rejected by all. Once he even went for a job in KFC. Twenty Four people applied for the job and all got it except Jack Ma.

Failure is the synonym for Successful

Jack Ma failed many times in his life, faced many rejections but never felt demotivated. He failed in his primary school , not once but twice. He failed thrice in his middle school. When he went for the University Entrance Exams he failed there for four years.

In one of his interviews when asked about his failures he said , ” Well, I think we get used to it. We are not That good”Taking your rejections and failures as an opportunity to learn is all what made him Jack Ma.


Jack Ma Interview


Jack Ma visited US in 1995, for some government project. It was that time when he was introduced to Internet and Computers. Computers were very rare in China at that time. First thing he searched was beer results popped from different places but no sign of China. Than he searched China and not a single result popped.

Finally after persuading his 17 friends to invest and join him he started Alibaba in his apartment.

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