/How to Get More Followers on Instagram
Followers on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

We all use Instagram isn’t it ? But how many of us have over 1k followers. In most of the cases the number of people following us is less than number we are following. Can you increase them ?

Followers on Instagram

Ways to Increase your Instagram Followers

Getting more followers is easy provided you know the tricks:

1.Fast Follows

1.Start liking some photos

Best ways to get more and more followers is to find the people who are like you. Like the posts which are related to yours. Hopefully the ones are not following you will start following you.

2.Start Commenting on others photos

The more you involve yourself in others posts, the more they will follow you.

3.Add comments,questions to your posts

Although Instagram is all about photos but you can’t ignore the power of words. Add catchy phrases and questions regarding posts so that people are compelled to reply.

4.Post Regularly

Post consistently. If you post once in a blue moon why would anyone follow you.

2.Customize your Account

1.Choose good username and profile pic

2.Fill in the Bio Section

First of All don’t leave your bio section empty – it’s another powerful tool for you to attract followers.

3.Find Friends

Invite your friends to follow you.

4.Sync Your Account with other Social Media Accounts


Tagging always attracts more and more people. But you have to choose your tags wisely. There are two ways of thoughts while tagging. Some people think to add as many tags as possible, while some stick with only two or three. Its totally up-to you. If you are using only one or two tags make sure they are spot on. Make use of popular tags as they will attract more and more people.

4. Tagsforlikes App

Use this application for speeding up tagging process and maximize the number of likes you get.

5. Create Own Hashtag

If you like than you can create your own hashtag. Next task would be to make this tag popular. Use your hashtag in every post of yours.

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