/How to Study Inorganic Chemistry For 12th Boards in 2 weeks

How to Study Inorganic Chemistry For 12th Boards in 2 weeks

Hello Friends!.. you may have always heard teachers saying that chemistry is a scoring subject. They are definitely saying it correct. Chemistry is a very crucial and important subject for board exams and  competitive exams also.Chemistry will pay you back your sweat easily and in every exam. JEE mains and other engineering entrances all give chemistry questions in high number.

Why Do Students Face Difficulty in Inorganic Chemistry

Students face difficulty in inorganic chemistry because they think that they have to remember a lot of stuffs. Yes you have to remember stuffs but once you go through them thoroughly they are easy. Chemistry is very interesting and easy to understand. Never fear it, your chemistry phobia will add to your problems. Chemistry Phobia is to be avoided. If you invest your little efforts in this subject than you can score good marks in boards. Chemistry helps you to climb the ladder of ranks in Jee Mains and other competitive exams.

Important Books For Chemistry Boards

Textbook you should refer make a huge difference in your studies. Since you have only 2 weeks you should go through NCERT for inorganic. In 2 weeks ncert chemistry book can help you understand the concept very well. Inorganic Chemistry is all about retaining the information. Read the chapter thoroughly and keep revisiting it daily. NCERT exemplar will also be useful for you. This book contains a lot of questions from each topic. These questions are of high to low level in MCQ form. You can also purchase Xam Idea Chemistry. This book will also be very helpful.

You need to remember that this is an easy subject and you can do it. Important topics for Chemistry Boards are  P- Block, D- Block, Coordination Compounds and Surface Chemistry. Make notes of what you study and keep revisiting them in your free time.

Tips For Quick Preparation

 1. Start Early

Start your day early as per the natural body clock. According to some researches in morning hours the retaining power mind is higher than any other time.

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 2. Fix a timetable

Students! you should fix a timetable and stick to it. Just as in school divide your day in periods. Giving each and every activity equal time. There a big reason behind giving each activity equal time. When you are studying a subject for more than 1-2 hours you tend to get bored and get distracted. However timetable won’t let this happen.

3. Make Brief Notes

While studying try to make brief notes. These notes can help you during revision.

4. Plan Your Way

Don’t jump into the pile of books. Instead plan everything. Follow the above steps like fixing a timetable etc. Arrange things according to your capability.

5. Don’t give Importance to hours

Students are often judged by the number of hours they study. Don’t beat yourself so much. Work as per your capacity for maximum benefit. Don’t study for more than 3 hours at a time.

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