/6 tricks to overcome Stage Fright
Communication Skills

6 tricks to overcome Stage Fright

Communication Skills  is the most important aspect of our personality and you should be able to nail it. Many famous personalities seem to be natural extrovert and great speakers but friends , it’s not so. Stage fright is more common than you could think . If they can conquer stage fear , nervousness and anxiety and be so successful why can’t you . All we gotta do is work on some methods to get away from this fear . When you fear something you should face it . Stay determined and work hard with confidence and you will have good Communication Skills.

Communication Skills

Before knowing how to overcome this fright ,nervousness or anxiety we should know what it is . Many of us face this problem that when we are required to speak in front to a public. You may start stammering , shake your legs , forget what you wanted to say . But the worst is failing to utter a single word . These show your poor Communication Skills.


Communication Skills

6 tricks to Improve Communication Skills

Overcome Stage Fright , Nervousness and Anxiety

You can overcome this nervousness ,stage fright and sweating on stage just by facing it with courage. After you overcome these your Communication Skills will be top notch .

  1.  Breathe Properly 

To feel  calm , most basic thing you can do is take deep breaths . Breathing helps in many situations , remember breathe from your diaphragm .

2.  Practice 

Practice makes you better , at speaking and everything . Practicing by standing in front of a mirror is a good move to overcome stage fright . This makes you feel like you are talking with someone else .

3. Talking to People 

Talk to as many as possible people , stay with them . This will open you up .

4. Meditate 

Meditate everyday , sit in a quiet place in morning . Rest your hands on your lap and fold your legs .

5. Exercise  

Exercise 30 minutes daily . Exercising boosts your confidence and stamina . It helps you maintain body balance and you feel good about yourself .

6 . Laughing will help you

Laughter is the best medicine , it can cure anything . You may wonder how it will help you in avoiding nervousness and stage fear . Laughing doesn’t let your thoughts to go towards what will happen in performance, will i be able to do it .

Don’t stay at home , go out , meet people , be social . Stage fright , nervousness all these things are just a matter of communication gap between you and the society . You may feel awkward but once you overcome nervousness and stage fright , Thins are gonna change .

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