/Best 5 Reasons To Drink More and More Water
Drink More and More Water

Best 5 Reasons To Drink More and More Water

We are made up of 70% water. It is in us and around us all the time. From the morning walk to every task . In summer we need more and more fluids all because of sweating therefore we should drink more and more fluids . If you drink less liquids you may get dehydrated and face troubles . This summer our motto should be to drink plentiful of water and stay hydrated .

5 Reasons why you should Drink More Water

Drink More and More Water
Drinking more and more water
  1. Aids in Weight Loss

After drinking more and more fluids there is feeling of fullness . This makes you eat less as a result it becomes a shortcut for dieting .

      2. Prevents Kidney Stones 

Kidney stones are formed due to crystal formation of accumulated chemicals in high concentration. It causes pain due to obstruction and is troublesome. By drinking more fluids concentration of chemicals is reduced and  this decreases the chances of having kidney stones .

3. Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

Water helps in this case by two ways . Firstly drinking more water will lead to production of more urine which  will itself flush out the germs causing the infection. Secondly it dissolves the antibiotics used in Urinary tract Infection.

4. Helps in Digestion Process 

No doubt water helps in the digestion process as it binds with the fibers in food and rest is well understood by  all of us .

5. May Protect Against Some type of Bladder Cancer 

The mechanism is still not clear . But the proposed mechanism is that frequent micturition causes  exposure of the bladder tissue to the carcinogenic substances present in urine.


Hey fellas drink more and more fluids , I think the above reasons are well adequate for you to know to importance of drinking more water in day to day life. While many of us have a feeling that we should drink only when we feel thirsty. But that’s not the way. Your requirements vary according to your environment.

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