/Befitting replies to Western People by Indian Rajput Ruler

Befitting replies to Western People by Indian Rajput Ruler

Just a few days back Evan Speigel said that, “he is not interested in forwarding premier services to poor countries like India” .

This is not the first time India has faced such statements.

In 1920s ruler of Alwar was on a visit to London. The Maharaja Jai Singh was strolling in the streets when he chose to go into a Rolls Royce showroom . He wanted to inquire the specifications of one of the cars . The British salesman thought him to be a normal poor Indian due to his normal appearances. But the salesman had no idea of the reality of Maharaj and shown him out of showroom .

Maharaja returned to his hotel room and ordered his servants to call the showroom and tell them that King is interested in purchasing Rolls Royce. He returned to the showroom in kingly attire and found red carpet rolled out for him and salesmen lined up .

He chose six cars and paid the price in cash , including the delivery costs . When the cars reached destination he ordered the Municipality to use the cars for picking up garbage in the city . The word spread like a wildfire. This affected the reputation of the car maker and their revenues were highly affected .

Reputation of maker dropped all over the world and this made them realize their mistake . A telegram was sent to Maharaja for apology and was offered six cars for free . After this cars were stopped from being used in garbage collection .

Stay United Stay Strong !!