/Apple iOS 11: 6 Best Features, hidden feature of Apple, Updated Siri
Siri Updates

Apple iOS 11: 6 Best Features, hidden feature of Apple, Updated Siri

Apple has just revealed its iOS 11 at it’s WWDC Developers conference and here are the new iOS features. After this update you won’t need enter a Wi-fi password ever again. Siri now updated and can also translate languages. And hidden iphone feature was also made usable now. New iOS release date and best features are to be revealed in this article. There is also some updates in Interface.

If you own an iPhone or iPad here are the new features you will get in the update.

Best Features of iOS 11

  1. Siri is updated

Siri was first launched in 2011 and since its launch apple is working on improving its personal assistance. Machine learning and Artifical Intelligence has done the magic in iOS 11, baking both male and female voices. These became more natural and expressive , now you can adjust the pitch,emphasis and tempo. Even it can translate english into different languages like Chinese, french etc.

Siri Updates

Siri in now going beyond voives and gives suggestion by reading your searches on safari.

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2.iPad transformed

If you own an iPad there’s very good news for you as iOS 11 transforms this tablet with brilliant new features. iOS 11 makes multitasking even more powerful with a new customisable dock which provides you accesee to all apps you use more. A new Files app makes it quite easier for you to store stuffs, your documents are all available at one place whether they are stored locally or on iCloud. Letters,numbers,special characters are all on the same keypad now, no more switching from one screen to another.

Apple iPad updates with iOS 11

3.Professional Camera and Photos

iPhones camera is very popular for its images,but iOS 11 has even made that better.With iOS 11 Apple introduces a new technology called High Efficiency Image File Format that reduces the size of every image taken by iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s .

iOS 11 updates

4. Apple is going to stop app developers to spam you for writing reviews

With iOS 11 iPhone is going to stop app developers for forcing users to write an review for their apps in App store.

5. Do Not Disturb While driving

With iOS 11 your iPhone will automatically sense that you may be driving and silence all notifications.

6. Hidden iPhome feature since 2014

Apple has hidden this feature since 2014 in its previous highly successful operating systems. But iOS 11 lets you use it.

This Hidden iPhone feature is one-handed keyboard. This feature can be accessed by long pressing the Globe icon. And it also gives you choice to push the keys on left side or right side of the screen.

Apple iOS 11 Features
Apple iOS 11 hidden Feature


iOS 11 is going to be a great operating system for the greatest gadgets ever. If you like my article hit the like button on my facebook page.