/Next Android OS : Android O release date and New Features
Android O release Date and Features

Next Android OS : Android O release date and New Features

Androids are going to be more smarter now, Google gearing up for the next android version. Company released two developer previews in recently.

Android O is having many new features as

Android O release Date and Features
Android O 10 Changes and features

10 New Features of Android O you Must Know

Final built is coming in the third quarter of 2017. Here are most noteworthy changes in the new OS.

1.New and Simplified Setting

The new Android version has rather simplified setting as compered to the predecessors. There are no longer any slide out menu and page are more sorted. There are around thirteen main heading in addition to their descriptions in the menu.Especially relevant the color scheme is black and white with a bluish accent.

2. App Badges

App badges will be very helpful in notification management.

3. Navigation Bar Tuner

When you go through the tune you will get a new navigation bar option which will let you choose layout buttons. Which helps you choose between Normal ,Compact, Left leaning and right leaning. Which will be very handy if you want to use your device single handed. And much more.

4. Lock Screen

It looks quite similar to android nougat in terms of design. You can now choose the lock screen shortcuts. Hence it can be more customized .

5. Improved Audio Quality

Now a day 3.5 mm jack is becoming less standard , because the major smartphone manufacturers are getting rid of it. Google is also working on wireless systems such as LDAC with Sony. It also supports SBC , AAC etc.

6. Unknown Sources

If you wanted to install any apk file till android N you was required to enable the unknown sources, but in Android O this option has been removed .

7. Notification Channel

Android 0 focuses more on notification management and that’s why a new feature has been added called Notification Channel. It lets you prioritize notifications of Apps .

8. New Battery Menu

It has received a major redesign .

9. Snooze Notification

Just as you snooze your alarms , now you can snooze your notifications in the new Android O.

10. Notification Shade

A whole new Notification Shade is waiting out there for you.


Seems like I personally can’t wait for this new version to be released as soon as possible. These features are really astonishing. Hope you like my article . Follow 101stuffs.

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Stay Tuned !!!!