/6 Best ways to improve your communication skills
6 Best ways to Improve Communication skills and Learning foreign languages

6 Best ways to improve your communication skills

Communication is  one of the most improtant aspect of a persons live. In this post I am going to discuss 6 Best ways to Improve your Communication skills . If a person can’t communicate with others properly he won’t be able to express himself, his needs and his thoughts . We live in a society and for being social we need to talk to others . One can’t imagine his/her life without talking to anyone .

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6 Best ways to Improve your Communication skills

  1. Slow Down your Speaking Speed

A person may be very fluent in his mothertongue but you can’t expect the same in all other languages . So you need to slow down , so that you will be able you speak clearly . In the learning phase everyone would like to make a good impression on audience and by speaking slow will help you as you won’t make any mistakes and will be easily understandable .

  1. Take your time to speak

No need to woory that the person you’re talking to is impatient and want you to say everything as quickly as possible . Everyone likes well thought response than a quick foolish reply.

  1. Listen to others

While learning a foreign language people only focus on speaking part , but listening is equally important . Communication is not complete if you only listen or if you only speak . It is a two way lane.

Listening news , watching films and TV shows in that language will help you .

  1. Create a company

If you want to learn a new language you need to create an environment around you . A person if very fluent in mothertongue because it is in the environment . Join a group of people who are learning the same stuff . Use that language in home , with friends , in office or college .

  1. Improve your vocabulary as well as learn APPLY it

Improve your word collection in that language . If you know a lot of words in a language you can impress anyone with your skills . But what most learners do they try to remember the words and their meaning . Try to learn words application as well as its meaning .



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