5 ways to boost your Stamina and Endurance

It is no wonder that youth today is looking forward towards fitness and all this is because of our lifestyle . Everyone wants to have a good body shape . A good look always adds to your personality . Beginners face many problems during in the beginning . They have low stamina and endurance .This affects their morale and they may end up loosing the will to do it . 5 ways to boost your Stamina and Endurance . Exercising also helps you to build a high self confidence .

5 ways to boost your Stamina and Endurance

5 ways to boost your Stamina and Endurance

The first basic requirement of boosting stamina is to never give up . If one can do it others can do it too . 5 ways to boost your Stamina and Endurance .

1. Take it slow 

First and the most basic thing you should keep in mind is that you should keep it slow . Whenever you do a new exercise try to do it correct rather to hurry up .

       2. Reduce amount of rest between two sets   

If you want to increase your stamina keep minimum rest between two sets . By end of each set your muscles should be burning . Continue till that point of time and than take a short rest of 30 seconds and continue. Take break only when you physically can’t continue .

3. Never follow a routing during workout 

Switching over from one exercise to another is very essential in workout . This is because our body gets used to the same routine in 2 weeks. Switching exercises also keeps you motivated .

4. Eat healthy food 

Our body reflects what we eat . If we eat healthy food we will get good results . We should get the essential nutrients like Vitamin C etc .

5. Be optimistic 

This is about your mental stamina . If you want to run 20 km , your physical stamina will take you only to 10 km but it is your mental stamina which will help you to get your goal . Stay motivated always about your goal and work hard .

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