/Best 5 Exercises to Improve Your Vision
Exercises to keep eyes healthy

Best 5 Exercises to Improve Your Vision

Weak eyesight has grown to be a big problem over last decade. Young lads are using those glasses. Well a big credit for this situation goes to the Computers, laptops and None other than Mobiles. There is a drastic increase in this number. Obviously its a good news for opticians but not for us. Most important gift of nature is eyes.

Our eyes need regular exercise just like other body muscles to stay healthy and work fine. But we take them for granted and eventually we get our eyes weak.

5 Exercises to Strengthen your Eyes and Improve your Vision

1.  Blinking

Blinking is one the basic way in which our eye tend to refresh and rest . But computer users tend to blink less and this causes itchiness. Try to blink in every 3-4 seconds.

2.  Palming

This can be done to relieve stress from your eyeballs and relax .

Exercises to keep eyes healthy
Best 5 Eye Exercises


3.  Focus on Near and Far objects 

Focus on objects close to you and then focus on distant objects. This will help you exercise your eye muscles.

4.  Zooming

This one is the easiest.

  1.  Sit in a comfortable position.
  2.  Stretch your arm and focus on your thumb .
  3. Close in your arm.
  4. Stay focused.
  5.  Repeat the process.

5. Figure of Eight 

This is to exercise your eye muscles and improve their flexibility. Imagine a figure of 8 in front of you. Trace the figure with your eyes slowly. Do it one way for few minutes and other way for next few minutes.

What I lost with My Spectacles

I always wished to be a pilot . I wanted to fly in air . But I it all because of my weak eyes. Take care your vision. They are the best gift of nature for us.

I hope you will pay a bit more interest towards the importance of your eyes and exercise them. Also Read my Article on How to keep Your Eyes Healthy.